Welcome to VanPodFest

Do you have a podcast idea just waiting to be produced? Is your independent podcast the next network hit? This year at VanPodFest, four lucky podcasters from across BC will get the opportunity to hear feedback on their best podcast show pitch!

Audio Recess - Google Podcasts creator program

All times are ET. 11:00AM-12:00PM · Sessions Originalidad en el ecosistema de los podcasts en español (Originality in a Growing Spanish Podcast Market) Lead by Un Periódico de Ayer, La No Ficción EnglishAs in most other languages, the podcast industry in Spanish is growing.

Pods Up North

A new virtual event from the organisers of the 'Pods Up North' podcasters conference, promises to help podcast makers to grow and evolve their podcasts. On 20th November at 1400 GMT top podcast and audio industry professionals will gather online for a two-hour masterclass to talk about marketing your show, growing a dedicated community and evolving your podcast.

Australian Audio Summit

Podcast | Australian Audio Summit This is the must attend event for Podcast, Content Creators and Radio Broadcasters. For as long as humans have ears, there will always be audio. This is the Australian Audio Summit. Created by Craig Bruce & Kate Meade. It's time to meet the makers...